Meet Muhammad Al Andalusi, The Kid from Barcelona who turned his passion into a 6 figure empire.

One of the biggest misconceptions in today’s world is that you can’t follow your passion because “You won’t make enough money” or “It’s not sustainable.” Well, there is a Kid from Barcelona who turned his passion into a six figure empire and here’s how we did it. After a bad upbringing, Muhammad was inspired to learn Arabic and the Quran.

He decided in 2012 to travel to Egypt to begin his studies. from 2012 through 2015, Muhammad was studying in Egypt with financial assistance from his family. In 2015, his father suffered a heart attack which led Muhammad to contemplate over the fact that he wanted to seek knowledge his whole life while being able to support himself financially.

Muhammad jumped into entrepreneurship and started his own accommodation agency in Egypt. But the problem was that it was very time consuming which took away his initial goal of seeking knowledge his whole life. Muhammad started contemplating what to do next as he was already married and had a child. Muhammad decided that he needed to develop a skill so he learned how to sew so he can make Islamic clothing. But again he was faced with the same problem, it was very time consuming.

After juggling 80 hour weeks doing Uber Eats, Muhammad became obsessed with different online business models like Amazon FBA, Dropshipping, Personal branding etc. Muhammad started to juggle many things including selling an Amazon FBA course, Social Media Marketing Course, and much more which led to him getting burned out.

Muhammad took a year away from his family to work on himself and work on his mindset. During this time, one of his mentors put a lot of emphasis on focusing on one thing and mastering this. Muhammad ended up starting Andalus Institute in the beginning of 2019, an online course that teaches you how to learn Arabic in 15 months. This way Muhammad was following his passion while helping people and having time to study Arabic and Islam. Just 6 months later, Andalus Institute hit the 6 figures mark and Muhammad got accepted into his dream Islamic School in Saudi Arabia after waiting for 6 years.

I would like to end off with a quote from Steve Jobs who said: “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.”

Recruiter, Digital Marketer

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